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Frank JMA Castelyns

Frank JMA Castelyns walks the world as an artist looking for a philosophy. Significant events and symbols stimulate his senses and his empathy, resulting in images with sensitizing qualities and  beauty. The aesthetic layer always comes first, then the deeper layer of meaning which is supported by the ‘memory functions’ of the images. Memories have the tendency to fade away slowly, but a word, an image or an association can stir up these memories. Maybe Castelyns’ images are primarily ‘reminders’, symbols with a great sentimental value, which go beyond the automatic process of observation and understanding. Castelyns’ art originates from the sensitive intellect and stimulates on an intellectual level. In each image a mental plan unfolds which entails rich art and social historical stories, traditions, images or characters. The inherent landmarks stimulate the observer to recollect and discover stories, messages or meaning. Sometimes meaning can be exciting, sometimes even shocking or open, but it is always sensitive. Castelyns’ art travels between different worlds, marking common ground.

— Adriaan Gonnissen